Band Trip Point System

Band parents can earn credit for their student’s band trip by working at events and
attending Band Booster Meetings. Each point will be equivalent to one dollar credit.

Events include football and basketball concessions. Parents and students can earn points at concessions.
Points can also be earned by working at the Big Red Sound-Off marching contest and the Jazz Festival in December, but only parents can earn points at these two events. No student points will be given.

Events = 5 points per 2 hour shift (1 hour shift = 2 points)
Band Booster Meeting = 2 points per meeting

A minimum value of 10 points must be earned before redeeming points for credit.
A maximum value of 100 points may be redeemed for credit per family.

Parents must work one concession shift AND attend one booster meeting to be eligible for student trip credit.
Students may work in the concession to earn points, but may not handle money. Middle school students must work the shift with a parent.
The student’s parent must still attend a booster meeting in order for the student’s points to be redeemed.

Points will be accumulated from September to March.

It will be the responsibility of the parent/student to sign in and out at each event and/or meeting to receive credit points.

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